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200 Apartments Proposed Next to Barnsdall Park

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Six stories, including ground-floor retail

A six-story building with 200 apartments above ground-floor retail is proposed just west of Barnsdall Park on Hollywood Boulevard.

As Urbanize LA first reported this morning, renderings of the project, named Olive Hill, were included in a report from planning staffers to the city’s planning commission, which is scheduled to vote Thursday on the project. In the renderings, the building looks pretty nondescript: white stucco, lots of balconies, sage green mullions (the bars between the panes of glass in a window), and a rooftop hangout area with trees and patio umbrellas.

It’d rise on 1.5 acres on the south side of Hollywood Boulevard, between Kenmore Avenue and Edgemont Street. The developer, listed as Cen Fed, LTD., would knock down 23 single homes and residential units, plus the night club, warehouse, medical office, and food stand on the site now.

The developer wants the building to reach a height of 83 feet. That’d make it the tallest structure in a 1,000-foot radius, with the exception of a church steeple and Kaiser Permanente, according to the report. City planners say it’d diminish views from Barnsdall, so they’re recommending a maximum of 63 feet.

The project would include 335 parking spots in a surface lot and two underground parking levels. For 55 years, 40 of the apartments would be set aside for tenants with low incomes.

A representative for the developer said he attended a East Hollywood Neighborhood council meeting, but, according to the report, "They received a very negative reception and therefor left."