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Developers Gearing Up for Dream Hotel’s ‘Second Phase’

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A 114-room hotel with parking and a restaurant proposed for a Dream-adjacent lot

Hollywood’s 10-story Dream Hotel is scheduled to open this summer, bringing 179 new guest rooms and a landscaped public alley to Selma Avenue between Cahuenga Boulevard and Wilcox Avenue, and there are already plans underway for a project sometimes referred to as its second phase.

Urbanize LA reports that paperwork has been filed with the city’s planning department to add 114 hotel rooms and parking to a property at 6421 Selma, adjacent to the Dream Hotel.

The plans were filed by the Hollywood International Regional Center (HIRC), an entity that helps stimulate foreign investment in real estate via the EB-5 visa program.

The HIRC would be the owner and developer, a rep with the center tells Curbed; its construction arm, Five Chairs, would build the project. Though the project has been referred to as the Dream 2 or as the second phase of the Dream, the HIRC’s rep tells us that the branding for the hotel hasn’t officially been decided yet, and that this project will probably not be a Dream Hotel.

The new hotel would rise seven stories tall near the corner of Selma and Wilcox, above a one-story restaurant, which is under construction now. The hotel would have a rooftop pool deck and three levels of underground parking, according to the HIRC’s rep.

Hollywood’s hotel boom is still chugging along, and not just because of this newly announced project. There are at least 15 other hotels in Hollywood under various stages of progress right now, including the 220-room Thompson Hotel on Wilcox between Sunset and Selma—just around the corner from this one.