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Rent the decadent Palazzo di Amore for $375K a Month

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The perfect party pad, if you can afford it

The perfect summer party pad is the ultra-lavish Palazzo di Amore in Beverly Crest, with its 12 bedrooms, its own vineyard, a tennis court, a nightclub "with its own laser-light system and DJ booth" and a revolving dance floor, and a bowling alley on about 25 acres of land.

The 35,000-square-foot main residence has a 5,000-square-foot master suite and multiple guest suites. All the wild entertainment amenities are contained in their own structure. Somewhere in the mix, there’s a Turkish bath, a kitchen with a walk-in fridge, a bar with a giant dollar bill over it, a waterfall, swimming pool, reflecting pool, and spa. The party-ready complex also accommodates at least 150 cars.

The Palazzo was developed by famed megamansion-builder Mohamed Hadid and designed by architect Bob Ray Offenhauser (also well-known for his megamansioning). The owner is ultra-wealthy Jeff Greene, a man who made a ton of money off the economic downturn by shorting subprime mortgages.

The Palace of Love hit the market two years ago, asking $195 million, then chopped the price to $149 million. Now, it’s still unattainable, renting for $375,000 a month.