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Midcentury Post and Beam With Sauna Asks $2.1M

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The secluded property in Crestwood Hills also has walls of glass and a wine cellar

It's not every day that a home in Crestwood Hills, the celebrated postwar housing tract designed by A. Quincy Jones, Whitney Smith, and Edgardo Contini, becomes available, so what say we take a look at this post and beam on Rochedale Lane that just hit the market?

Built in 1956, the 1,748-square-foot home hasn't exactly been preserved in amber since then, as evidenced by its granite-bedecked kitchen, remodeled bathrooms, mismatching fireplaces, sauna, and wine cellar. Nevertheless, it's still got plenty of classic midcentury modern esprit, thanks to the open plan living/dining room, walls of glass, clerestory windows, and beamed ceilings. On a one-quarter-acre wooded lot with a roomy swimming pool and spa, it's asking $2.095 million.