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The Awesome View from the Roof of Downtown’s Massive Broadway Trade Center

The Orpheum sign looks close enough to touch

Broadway Trade Center Tour Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

The massive Broadway Trade Center takes up nearly two-thirds of the block bordered by Broadway and Hill, Eighth, and Ninth streets. Its planned transformation and renovation into what is essentially a little city—with a hotel, bars, restaurants, a rooftop park and pool, office space, a private club, and a food hall—is only in the early stages, but it’s easy to see the incredible possibility of the 1,138,000-square-foot space, especially on the roof. Curbed toured the site earlier this week. (Stay tuned for a look inside and more details on the space.)

Built in 1908 and occupied by the Hamburger & Sons department store, the building underwent staggered build-outs in the 1920s that resulted in a dual-level roof. The structure now rises seven floors along Eight Street and pops up to 10 along the edge closest to Ninth Street.

Broadway Trade Center Tour

The lower roof is where there will be a public plaza, an urban farm, a pool, and multiple new-build structures to house a restaurant and bars.

The part of the roof that pops up above the lower roof will be converted into the approximately 150-key hotel. The roof of the hotel will be a separate space for hotel guests’s amenities—namely, another pool.

None of the work on the roof’s rehabilitation has begun, yet—it’s mostly broken windows and graffiti up there right now—but based on its views, it’s easy to imagine the rooftop will be an incredible space once complete.

The structure isn’t particularly high up, but it’s tall enough to look right across at the tops of other historic Broadway structures. The sign atop the Orpheum looks close enough to touch; the elaborate detailing on the upper floors of the Garfield building are plainly visible.