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Tiny Wall Put Up Around Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star

It stands just six inches tall

A little concrete wall was put up around Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star to mock the presidential candidate’s proposal to install a 1,000-foot-long fence along the Mexico border.

A street artist and Instagram user named "plasticjesus" is credited with putting up the baby version, which stands just six inches tall and is topped with razor wire. "Keep Out" signs are attached to it.

"plasticjesus" told LAist the tiny wall is merely, "intended to focus on Trump's ridiculous idea of building a wall." The purpose of the big wall, of course, is to cork the flow of immigrants into the U.S. The little wall went up yesterday, the same day Trump officially claimed the Republican nomination. The bitty wall got trampled, but was back up this morning.

Any celebrity willing to pay $30,000 can get a star on the Walk of Fame. Trump’s was inducted in 2007 and, of course, his is in prime real estate in tourism central Hollywood and Highland.

"plasticjesus," by the way, really loathes Trump. He's also plastered "No Trump Anywhere" parking signs across Los Angeles and New York, and created printable versions for his followers to use.