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Here Are the New Renderings of Big Revamp Coming to the Soon-to-Be Former Ikea Burbank Site

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Lose the Ikea building, gain all of this

Developers of the proposed project that will remake the home of Burbank Ikea and the entire Burbank Town Center have released some updated looks for the planned project. (Don’t fret for Ikea, it’s moving to a new, gigantic home about a mile away.)

A view from the Magnolia Boulevard side of the retail and residential complex reveals where developers want to add new outdoor dining options. The mall at the site is slated to be renovated inside and out. The rehabbed mall would be joined by quite a few totally new additions to the shopping center, such as an open-air plaza, 40,000 square feet of new space for retail, and open space for such events as farmers markets.

Another major addition to the Burbank Town Center is the planned construction of 765 multi-family units where the Ikea now stands (it will be razed) and 70 for-sale units at 800 North San Fernando Boulevard. Glimpses of the residential component can be seen in the new renderings and in some of the new, tantalizingly short fly-through videos on the development’s informational site, I Heart Burbank.

A rep for the project tells Curbed that developers submitted plans for the revamped Burbank Town Center to the city of Burbank earlier this month.

Architecture that comes to life in Game of Thrones

A "revitalized San Fernando."

Burbank Town Center

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IKEA Burbank, Carson

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