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Yamashiro Renovations to Start as Early as This Summer

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New owners take inspiration from the Hollywood compound’s original 1914 plans

New details are trickling in about renovation plans for Yamashiro, the beloved hillside restaurant that boasts some of the most stunning views in Los Angeles. Since purchasing the seven-acre spread in Hollywood for nearly $40 million this spring, new owner Bejing-based JE Group has said it’ll fix up the restaurant, small hotel, apartments, and other buildings on the site, but not make any major changes.

Eater LA reports this week that JE Group is holding true to that promise and not wasting any time. Renovations will begin late this summer or fall, "with new developments coming to life throughout winter and beyond." Eater reiterates that while there will be "plenty of renovations," none will "diminish the overall look and feel of the property." The story also hints at the return of the lovely Thursday night farmers markets:

Instead, the hope is to bring along some intriguing new details like a teppanyaki grill, sushi bar, and large lounge area. The restaurant won’t actually close during those renovations, so don’t expect a long, lengthy downtime.

Eventually, the folks behind TCL Chinese Theaters (formerly Grauman’s in Hollywood) plan to start hosting film premieres and screenings on site. JE Group has further said that they’d like to return to doing the farmers markets on Thursday nights in the summertime too, which have always been a fun time for locals and tourists alike.

The main Yamashiro building, a Japanese palace replica that includes a 600-year-old pagoda shipped in from Japan, was built in 1914 by two brothers who wanted the perfect spot to house their sizable Asian art collection. JE Chairman Jianyi Kang told the Los Angeles Business Journal this week that renovation plans are based on the original 1914 plans for the building and rest of the property:

"Those plans incorporated a variety of influences not only Japanese, but Chinese, Thai and Korean - all intricately woven into the fabric of the property's original design, and what it is intended to encapsulate. We plan to restore many of these features that have been severely neglected over the past 30 years."

Yamashiro Restaurant

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