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Betsey Johnson Settling Down in a Malibu Mobile Home

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The fashion designer is seeking the simple life in SoCal’s most exclusive trailer park

Pop art fashion designer Betsey Johnson is upgrading from her 2,900 square-foot East Hampton home to a three-bedroom trailer in Malibu. That’s right; in terms of price, the 1,500 square-foot trailer is an upgrade. It may be a mobile home, but it’s located in the funky-but-affluent community of Paradise Cove, and was last listed for just under $1.95 million. According to The Wall Street Journal, Johnson is looking to simplify things a bit and is also parting with her apartment in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The fun little trailer has wraparound decks that offer easy outdoor access from nearly every room. Sliding glass doors and skylights let in plenty of light, and the grey walls are a blank canvas for the very pattern-happy Johnson. She tells the Journal that she plans to paint the exterior of the home, "a beautiful, happy yellow with white trim." Rock paths line the lush back and side yards, leading to a private beach access point. Johnson has reportedly accepted a $1.5 million offer on her home in East Hampton.

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