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DTLA’s Development Craze Summed Up in This Single Photo

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It's a shot of 150 concrete trucks

If there were ever a sign of a building boom, it’d be cranes. And there are cranes aplenty scattered across Downtown Los Angeles, erecting tall office towers, hotels, condos and apartments, and mixed-users.

But this photo of 150 concrete trucks parading down Hill Street between 9th Street and Olympic Boulevard, which was shared Monday in a Facebook group on DTLA development, arguably captures the building spree better than even those symbolic cranes can. The trucks were en route to the construction site at the Broadway Trade Center, the project manager confirmed with Curbed LA.

There’s so much major construction in DTLA right now, that commenters in the Facebook group weren’t quite sure which project the trucks were for: The Wilshire Grand? The skyscraper at 8th and Olive Street? One of the Spring Street towers?

The Broadway Trade Center, built in 1906, is morphing into a 15-story structure with food halls, bars, shops, a hotel, and rooftop public park.

California Broadway Trade Center

830 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA