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Gilded, Technicolor Time Capsule Up For Grabs in Los Feliz

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Classic 1920s Spanish on the outside, early 70s shagadelic on the inside

From the street, this new listing in the hills north of Los Feliz Boulevard appears to be your typical 1920s Spanish Revival, albeit one that’s seen better days. But venture inside, and great googly-moogly, is it anything but typical.

According to the listing description, the three-bedroom, two-bath house hasn’t been on the market in over 40 years, and judging by the photos, its Hollywood Regency-meets-Plato’s Retreat decor has been frozen in time for about that long. Words don’t really do it justice, but the vivid stylistic flourishes here include flocked peacock-blue and bright red wallpaper, marbled walls, fleur de lys appliqués, gold ceilings, technicolor carpets, and a glorious abundance of marbled mirror tiles, which even festoon some of the kitchen cabinets.

Along with all that exuberance and flair, the house also boasts a fair amount of elegant original features, including a magnesite staircase with wrought-iron railing, a grand Batchelder fireplace, and French doors and windows. Other points in its favor: a two-car garage, large basement, and a decent-sized lot. So who knows—maybe it’ll turn out to be the next "Grey Gardens" (though in this case, "Gilded Gardens" might be a more appropriate nickname). Asking price is $1.299 million.