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Windsor Square Home for Sale Was the Scene of an Unsolved Murder

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The house’s last owner was found stabbed to death in 2014

This four-bedroom residence in exclusive Windsor Square seems charming enough, but property records show that in 2014 it was the site of a shocking and as-of-yet unsolved murder. The victim was 86-year-old Antonia Yager, who was found stabbed to death in the home, with no sign of forced entry.

Yager was the widow of Superior Court Judge Thomas C. Yager, who passed away in 2008. Years earlier, in 1965, the judge's first wife disappeared from a boat off the Newport Coast only three days after their marriage. 14 years his senior and heiress to a large fortune, her disappearance made national headlines because of the suspicious nature of the incident.

Setting aside the macabre backstory for a moment, the 3,436-square-foot home has some pretty attractive features. These include an impressive vaulted entryway, Batchelder fireplace, hardwood floors throughout, and multiple stained glass windows—including an arresting circular skylight. The decor in some rooms is certainly a bit dated, but the green tiled bathroom is a terrific Jazz Age-y throwback (the home was constructed in 1925).

In February, 2015, LAPD announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Antonia Yager’s killer, but an arrest was never made. Her friends and neighbors, meanwhile, remembered her as a generous and elegant older woman with a love of cats. According to the LA Times, her murder was the first in Windsor Square since 2001.

The home is asking $2.4 million.