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Venice Canals House Sets New Record for Highest Listing Price

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How hot can Venice’s real estate market get?

The Venice real estate market has been hotter than hot for a while now, and a new-to-market home along the canals looks to be a good litmus test of how high the neighborhood’s ceiling has become. The three-bedroom home is asking $5.5 million—the highest price ever for a home along the Venice Canals, according to The Real Deal.

The real estate news website says that price is $600,000 more than what the previous record holder was asking. That home ended up selling for $4.5 million last summer, suggesting the sellers of this property at 2335 Eastern Canal might have to settle for a bit less than the eye-popping list price.

Constructed in 1988, the 3,296 square-foot home features bold interior design from Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, who has added plenty of the Hollywood Regency flair he brought to the Mondrian Hotel (take note of the especially baroque mural that adorns the wall of one of the home’s four bathrooms). Walls of glass and skylights keep the home light and airy, while providing plenty of views of the picturesque canal below. The home is also equipped with eco-friendly features bound to appeal to the neighborhood’s increasingly tech-y residents. Per the listing, these include solar panels, eco counters, and a "sophisticated whole house water filtration system"

The property boasts two balconies, a spacious rooftop deck, and a sauna, and outdoor space on the ground floor includes a barbecue area and hot tub. How high buyers will be willing to bid for all of this remains to be seen.

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