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Saloon, BBQ, Brewery, Historic House — All for Sale in Julian for $1.3M

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It’s the perfect live-work setup in a pastoral setting

Want the live-work lifestyle, but totally over the loft craze? Behold, the perfect reason to flee LA’s concrete jungle: A 2-acre compound with a rustic barbecue joint, saloon, and historic home is for sale in Julian, a quaint mountain village known for its apple pies in eastern San Diego County.

The restaurant and saloon are giving off strong barn vibes with exteriors painted red with white trim, and they claim, "the dedicated following/patronage of the entire town of Julian and beyond," says the listing.

The venues stand right next to the historic Bailey House, built in 1876, and this is where things get interesting: The home’s garage was being used a brewery by none other than Vince Marsaglia, owner of Port Brewing Company and co-founder of The Lost Abbey, and Tom Nickel, former brewer for Pizza Port and Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing, according to San Diego Magazine. The duo was also running the property’s woodpit BBQ restaurant. But they apparently got into a big fight and decided to dismantle the operation, with the San Diego Reader calling it, "a big loss for what was the most exciting and passion-driven new business to hit Julian in a long time."

That’s sad for Southern California beer-lovers. But it presents a, "rare and exciting opportunity," says the listing, for any aspiring brewers out there looking for a pastoral setting. The property, listed for $1.3 million, also comes with a horse pasture and full liquor license.