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Cool Drone Video Showcases Crowd-Free Tourist Hotspots From Above

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See Hollywood and Highland without lots of people in the way

Crowd-averse Angelenos will appreciate this new drone video, which showcases some of LA’s most touristy sites from above, offering up an often unseen views of these super-popular spaces. The short video by Youtube user Mingomatic cruises over Miracle Mile, the new Petersen Automotive Museum, and the Grove, then shoots over to Hollywood to show off the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood and Highland shopping center, the TCL Chinese Theatre, and the El Capitan.

Not forgetting Downtown, the video gives viewers a drone’s-eye view of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Broad, and the still-motionless Angel’s Flight funicular, too. Seeing these locations from above shows off normally hidden details, like the elaborate rooftop ornamentation on the El Capitan building.

The footage magically manages to captures all these normally crowded places at a time when there’s minimal foot traffic and equally little car traffic. Truly rare views indeed.