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LA Is Only the Third Most Rapped-About City in the U.S.

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Only number three?

Los Angeles’s hip hop history is rich, and the city counts numerous big-name rappers among its residents. Kanye West lives in Hidden Hills, as does Drake. Dr. Dre lives in Brentwood, Ice Cube just bought in Marina del Rey, and Jay Z rents in various fancy neighborhoods but doesn’t seem to be able to buy anywhere. So how is it that a recent Trulia survey found that LA is only the third most-rapped about city in the nation?

To come to this conclusion, Trulia partnered with lyrics licensing company LyricFind to "highlight" the most frequently rapped-about cities in the country. (This is happening "As part of Trulia’s recent partnership with MC Hammer," which is a real thing.)

Understandably, New York City was the No. 1 city rapped about in songs. (Brooklyn and Queens were numbers six and eight on the list, respectively.) In the number two spot was Atlanta, which gave us Outkast, Ludacris, and a slew of other prolific rappers. If we had to come in third, at least these are the two cities ahead of us.