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Zany Beverly Hills Castle Asks $2.288M

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Somehow this house is both boring and totally unique

This intriguing castle in Beverly Hills Post Office has something of an identity crisis. From the outside it looks whimsical, with pitched roofs, wrought iron work, and even a spire. But step inside (via listing photos) and things get a little more conventional. That is, until you get to the library, which features a pair of mosaic domes on the ceiling, stained glass windows, and built-in wooden shelves that line the walls. And is that stone-patterned wallpaper?

Then there’s the master suite, which stagers seem to have prepared for a romantic evening. There’s a bottle of champagne next to the bathtub and the only article of clothing in the walk-in closet is a slinky black dress.

The most curious feature of the house, though, might be the wine cellar. The stone and brick design is both rustic and a bit intimidating. Also, it seems to include a large fireplace, which might hinder efforts to keep the wines cool. There’s certainly a lot going on in this home, and not all of it seems to match up. We are keeping our fingers crossed the 5,700 square-foot, five-bedroom residence finds a buyer willing to accentuate all the quirky features—like the loft space in the tower—that make this house so unique. Asking price is $2.288 million.