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Palos Verdes Dragging Its Feet on Demolishing Surf Gang's Fort

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The clubhouse for the gang of middle-aged "Bay Boys" doesn't have permits and sits on public land

The powerful state Coastal Commission wants Palos Verdes Estates to deal with a stone fort on Lunada Bay believed to be home base for the bad boy gang of local surfers dubbed the "Bay Boys."

But the local officials are dragging their feet, the LA Times reports.

The story of group of surfers who hang out at Palos Verdes Estates's Lunada Bay and harass non-locals who try to surf the area is, by now, fairly well known. Reports say the largely middle-aged gang of locals has thrown eggs at non-locals trying to surf and threatened them physically. The Bay Boys are facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges instances of sexual harassment, forced bribes, and more.

Their base is an unpermitted stone patio along the beach, where reports say the Bay Boys hang out, drink booze, and get riled up to hassle people. The local police have received letters explaining that the stone patio "represents the Bay Boys' claim to control the point and the surf beyond."

A letter sent by the Coastal Commission this week asked PVE to work out a plan, either to demolish the fort or to permit the structure while increasing public access to the beach and surf. Commissioners wanted to see action by early July.

But PVE's city manager, Anton Dahlerbruch, doesn't seem to think he can map a course of action until September:

"The complexity of the situation has presented no easy or immediate answer," he tells the Times.

Dahlerbruch had previously told PVE's city council that Lunada Bay's homeowners' association wanted ramped-up policing of the gang so "the existence and use of the patio becomes irrelevant."