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1930s Estate Asking $7.6M Once Hosted Prohibition Parties

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Rose bushes and Greek goddess statues outside; intricate molding and black marble inside

It was built in 1930 by the same contractor who originally built the Rose Bowl, and its architect also designed St. Andrews Catholic Church in Old Town Pasadena.

Back in the day, it was quite the party house. The broker says the three-acre estate, which is fittingly located on Chateau Road, used to play host to Prohibition era soirees and "legendary" Christmas fêtes with "thousands" of film industry guests. (Good thing it has seven bathrooms).

Fanciful, hand painted flourishes and intricate molding embellish the walls inside. The grounds are manicured, with rose bushes and statues of naked Greek goddesses.

With its impressive eight bedrooms and entryway with a curving, black marble and mahogany staircase, the house is grand, so the functional kitchen seems modest. But outside there's a stone barbecue "house" with a spit that, according to the broker, holds half a beef.

Owner "Coralie, Jr," a stage name for one of Hollywood's first woman talent agents, is listing her property for $7.6 million.