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Highland Park Is Putting Together a Time Capsule

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Relics of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood will be preserved for future generations

As the influx of hipsters and young professionals pouring into Highland Park for the past few years approaches critical mass, the neighborhood will have an opportunity to preserve relics of its present status as one of the city's hottest neighborhoods. Councilman Jose Huizar and the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council are collecting "significant and interesting mementoes" for a time capsule that will represent the community as it exists today for generations to come.The capsule will be opened in 25 years.

So what should go into the time capsule?

The event page suggests items should be "memorable, meaningful, and represent something really special about Highland Park." The Eastsider suggests, "a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? A yoga mat? That $68 parking ticket you got on Figueroa?" Perhaps there should be a "Going Out of Business" sign to commemorate all the recent "retenanting."

One thing is clear though: no soon-to-be-obsolete technology will be included in the capsule. The event page makes clear that "any documents should be available in print, rather than on Disks, USB or Flash Drives." Future devices might not be backwards compatible after all.

The capsule will be sealed June 25 at the Highland Park Senior Center. In the meantime, questions about submitting should be sent to