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New Bike Lanes Debut on Fairfax Through WeHo

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The buffered lanes run 1.2 miles in each direction

West Hollywood caught the bicycle bug.

It's opening up a major Los Angeles street to safe bike travel: Fairfax Avenue now boasts two buffered bike lanes, stretching 1.2 miles from Hollywood Boulevard to Melrose Avenue.

West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition will lead an inaugural bike ride up and down the new lanes from 11 a.m. to noon Thursday starting at Hollywood Electrics motorcycle shop.

No bike? No problem. Guests may test the new lanes on a set of borrowed wheels from West Hollywood's upcoming WeHo Pedals bike share fleet. CycleHop, the city's partner, will be there to preview the new bikes before they officially roll out this summer.

City officials have yet to announce locations of future bike share hubs, but they have released the program's pricing structure: Bikes will cost $7 per hour. Monthly ($25) and annual plans ($99), which each include a 90-minute daily allotment of riding time, will also be available, as will discounted rates.