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Hillside House by Harwell Hamilton Harris in Historic District Asks $1.8M

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The lush landscape gives the house a treehousey feeling

This lovely, two-story house originally by architect Harwell Hamilton Harris (a Neutra apprentice) was almost lost to the ages: According to the listing, it was was "[m]oved to the Poppy Peak Historic District in 1951 by [architect] Leland Evison to avoid demolition during the construction of the 134 Freeway." In Pasadena's Poppy Peak neighborhood, the house is surrounded by other fantastic architectural examples; the LA Conservancy calls the district "one of the finest collections of Mid-Century Modernism in Southern California."

The early house was built so one floor was directly above the other, but in its current location, the house was "blended into the hillside" by Evison. So from the street, it appears to be just a single story, listing agent Matt Berkley tells Curbed. (A few photos of the house before it was relocated can be seen here.)

The upstairs level of the 1,600-square-foot house holds the main living area, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Large windows run along the eastern face of the house, and patios and decks sprout from the exterior and look out on lots of greenery.

The lower level was designed to serve as a space for guests and holds a kitchenette and its own living room, plus another bedroom and bathroom. The downstairs has a shaded patio and looks out onto some very green, very lush landscaping. It's listed for $1.799 million.