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Union Station Now Has the First Metro Bike Share Station

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Only 64 more hubs to go

Progress is being made on the first phase of Metro's long-awaited bike share system, which is slated to open July 7. Metro revealed through an Instagram post that the first bike share hub went in yesterday in front of Union Station.

The program, which will allow users to rent a bike, ride it, and return to any other Metro bike share kiosk, will bring 1,000 bikes to 65 hubs around Downtown. The final locations of the 64 other stations won't be announced until the day before the official launch, but a preliminary map on the bike share website shows locations clustered heavily in Downtown proper, with several stations in Chinatown, the Arts District, and a few popping up around LA Trade Technical College. Since there's only about a month to launch and over 60 stations to go, we should see a lot more of these bike hubs appearing very soon.

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Union Station

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