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Midcentury Modern in the Hills of Pasadena Asks $2.75 Million

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This charming 1963 home was designed by architect James Pulliam

Nestled in the hills just west of the Rose Bowl, this well-preserved midcentury modern was designed in 1963 by architect James G. Pulliam. Influential in the modernist movement in California, Pulliam later designed many of the buildings at Cal Poly Pomona and was part of the 'Los Angeles 12' exhibition at the Pacific Design Center in 1976. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows throughout, the 3,990 sqaure-foot home sits on an elegantly landscaped half-acre lot. The house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, along with a two car garage and a wine cellar that looks a bit creepy in the listing photos but has plenty of potential. The sleek entryway includes some very era-appropriate wood paneling and an impressive floating staircase. All the glass affords some excellent views of the surrounding mountains. Asking price is $2.75 million.