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Google Moving Into Restored Spruce Goose Hangar in Playa Vista

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The hangar is triple the size of its Venice workspace

Google is outgrowing its 100,000 square feet of space in Venice, and it's expanding into the next logical spot: Playa Vista. The tech company has inked a new lease for an enormous airplane hangar that's three times the size of its Venice workspace, The Real Deal reports. The 319,000-square-foot hangar is where Howard Hughes assembled a giant wooden seaplane called the Spruce Goose.

Google's move-in date and the rate it's paying aren't known yet, but the hangar will definitely tie for coolest Google office space with the Frank Gehry-designed Binoculars Building, where the company has been housed since 2011.

The expansion into Playa Vista makes sense, and not just because Playa Vista is a tech hub. Two years ago, Google dropped $120 million on 12 acres of empty land next to the hangar. At the time, it was rumored the tech giant would also lease the Spruce Goose's former home, but nothing was final until last week, TRD says. The 1943 hangar is part of Ratkovich's Hercules Campus complex.

Playa Vista is home to other big names like Youtube, Yahoo, and Facebook, and it's also where plenty of fancy mansions geared toward tech money are cropping up, wired for high-speed internet in pretty much every room. Looks like there might soon be even more potential buyers for those high-end houses.

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