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Dramatic Hillside House in Beverly Glen Asking $1.85M

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Oh, the outdoor parties this house could host

This 1971 Beverly Crest house has a dramatic roof and even more dramatic views through its floor-to-ceiling glass windows. With two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, the residence is not grand in size, but definitely has its perks. There are several terraces and decks, making good use of the vistas. Oh, the outdoor parties this house could host!

The bedrooms are located in the downstairs level of the house, and have two adjoining bathrooms. The bathrooms area giving off strong 1970s vibes, and are probably in need of at least a style update.

The house "must be sold in conjunction with vacant, street level lot," probably the site that’s at the other end of those long, narrow green stairs leading to the front door. The house is asking $1.85 million.