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1895 Boyle Heights House to Be Moved to New Location, Preserved

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Don't fret: The Peabody Werden house is just moving across the street

In preparation for the construction of a low-income housing project at First and Soto streets in Boyle Heights, the project’s developer, East Los Angeles Community Corporation (ELACC), is moving a 121-year-old house that occupies the land, and they’re doing it right now. Los Angeles Visionaries Association says that the house will be moved today, causing streets near the site to be closed until 2 p.m. today.

Thankfully, this old house is not going far. The Peabody Werden House, built in 1895, sits on a spot at the northeast corner of First and Soto. It’ll be moving across the street, to a Metro-owned lot on the southeast corner. It looks a bit rough now, but post-moved, it will be restored and opened for "community programs." (It had initially been reported that the house would be demolished.)

The land that the Peabody Werden House is leaving behind is slated to give rise to an 50-apartment complex with shops at street level and numerous environmentally friendly features, says Urbanize LA.