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Mandatory Water Cutbacks Also Saved a Lot of Electricity

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More than other energy-saving measures

The state's mandatory water cutbacks have loosened in some areas, but while they were in place, they helped that state save more than just water. By cutting back on water 25 percent, the restrictions also saved a ton of electricity—"more than all of the other energy efficiency practices undertaken during the same time period combined, and at less than a third of the cost of those measures," according to data put together by the University of California Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency.

A release about the findings from LA Waterkeeper, a conservation organization, explains that the data's all compiled on an interactive site that shows information on water use for not just the whole state but also for water utilities throughout the state.

At the state level, the total energy saved just by cutting back on water (460 gigawatt hours of energy) adds up to more than that saved by other various energy-saving measures, like energy-efficient appliances and air conditioning units (459.4 gigawatt hours).