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Minuscule Home in Beverly Glen Asks $499K

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At 264 square feet, it’s not much bigger than the carport

If you had asked us last week what you could get for under half-a-million in the Beverly Glen area, we probably would have assumed the answer was pretty much nil. But a tipster turned us on to this offering on Scenario Lane—just a stones throw from the Stone Canyon Reservoir. At 264 square-feet, it’s more than a little cozy, but it does include a very nice carport. Actually, that’s where you’ll find much of the home’s storage space, along with the washer and dryer. It may seem a little crowded in there, but the listing photos prove there’s still room enough for a Prius.

The zero-bedroom, one-bathroom home was constructed in 1924 and features some nice beamed ceilings and a pair of skylights. There’s also a back deck big enough for a grill, and a small yard that actually looks quite tranquil. The listing suggests buyers might use the residence as an "artist or writer retreat," and it does seem like a decent place to hole up and finish that novel. Asking price is $499,000, which brings the price per square foot to a hefty $1,890.15. By that metric, in fact, it’s right up there with the megamansions down the road.