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Skid Row Gets New, Much-Needed Drinking Fountains

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The fountains come in anticipation of a hot summer

Skid Row denizens often depend on mission staff or drinking fountains at parks for water, but were out of luck when those sources were closed in the afternoons. Now there are two new sources throughout the neighborhood for them to get hydrated, thanks to recently installed drinking fountains. KPCC reports that the fountains were installed by the LA Department of Water and Power.

The two fountains are located near San Julian Park (Fifth and San Julian) and Gladys Park (Sixth and Gladys), according to photos from Skid Row activist General Jeff. They are attached by a hose to a fire hydrant, but the water goes through a filtration system before it’s dispensed.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Eric Garcetti tells KPCC that the fountains were installed in anticipation of sweltering summer temperatures. The LAWDP already had the drinking fountains on hand and had workers install them during regular hours, "meaning they came at no cost to the city."

A local activist was pleased to see that there was a new, reliable source of water in the neighborhood, though he did note, "The city should have done this a long time ago." Demand for drinking water on Skid Row has always been high, he says.

Five other drinking fountains were installed in other areas in LA County where homeless people congregate.