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Hard to Believe, But Another Hotel Is in the Works for Hollywood

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A parking lot lost, a hotel gained

Hotels are going up pretty much everywhere in Hollywood. There are at least 15 in the works now, and now another can be added to the list. Urbanize LA reports that there’s a new hotel headed for a slim, half-acre lot near Hollywood Boulevard and Wilcox Avenue.

The developer, "local entrepreneur" Adolfo Suaya, is planning to demolish what’s on the lot now (a parking lot and a small structure, apparently), and build a 134-room hotel on the Walk of Fame-adjacent site. The hotel would have a restaurant on the ground floor and a bar on the roof, as well as 104 parking spaces.

Two blocks to the east along Hollywood Boulevard, CIM Group is planning to build a six-story, Art Deco-inspired hotel with an art gallery in it. Two blocks to the south along Wilcox, the Thompson Hollywood Hotel is planned to rise 12 stories and hold 220 rooms. Also within a two-block radius of the planned hotel is the Dream Hotel, the West Coast’s first. The 10-story structure will hold 179 rooms as well as a hip public alley with landscaping. It’s expected to open this summer.