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A Glendale Homeowner Sued a Big-Time LA Developer and Won

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His condo was smaller than advertised

A Glendale man who claims he was mislead about the size of his condo at The Americana at Brand took the developer to small claims court—and won.

According to the Glendale News Press, Paul Abramson won $4,999 from Americana Housing, which is part of Caruso Affiliated, the mall developer owned by Rick Caruso. It built The Grove and the Brand, where some 350 apartments and condos are perched atop shops and restaurants.

Abramson purchased a condo there five years ago for $567,000, according to the News Press, then found out a couple of months later the unit was actually smaller than advertised by about 80 square feet.

The newspaper says American Housing had unsuccessfully argued in court that there was a disclaimer in sales materials provided to Abramson noting square footages were just estimates.

Abramson’s financial victory was pretty small considering he estimates he overpaid for the unit by $30,000, according to the News Press.

But it wasn’t about the money. Abramson tells the newspaper:

"It's more of a moral victory, and at least makes this developer aware they can't do the same thing to other consumers out there, because it's out there now."