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Here’s How Not to Handle Your Neighborhood’s Messed Up Parking Situation

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Time to go back to the drawing board, guys

Street parking is tight in most LA neighborhoods, but one neighborhood in Hollywood has taken a creative approach to the problem. The Argyle Civic Association—a neighborhood group active in a segment of Hollywood roughly bordered by Vine, Gower, Sunset Boulevard, and Scenic Avenue—put fliers on cars in the area advising local residents to get a sticker for their cars identifying them as area residents, not just people parking to go to offices or clubs nearby.

But CBS2 reports the language on the fliers left locals confused and upset. The fliers say the city has a 72-hour street parking limit and warns: "your neighbors have begun actively enforcing this law."

The first issue is that it’s not really neighbors’ jobs to enforce city parking rules, it’s the city’s job. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation tells CBS2 that it’s illegal for residents to make their neighbors put a sticker on their cars to monitor parking. Parking regulation is the city’s job, and, in fact, it's already put a parking permit program into effect in this very area. (Though, apparently, it's not helping with the lack of parking: "We're 250 space short just on our block," Cheryl Gaskill of the association told CBS2).

But by trying to enforce the 72-hour parking limit, the association is suggesting residents are never moving their cars, says one woman who lives in the area, telling CBS2, "They’re implying that there’s abandoned cars but there aren’t ... All of us move on Monday and Tuesday or we’d all have $74 tickets every week."

The locals-only sticker is far from the most drastic parking-related conflict that’s cropped up in Hollywood. Whitley Heights is said to be the kind of place where people paint the curbs red (to make a parking space look like emergency parking) and shave down curbs to make private parking spaces.