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Here's the Future Rail Station That Will Connect Riders to LAX

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The Aviation/96th Street station will have bus bays, bike spots, and three platforms

Big changes are coming LAX’s way in the near future. One of the biggest is the planned Metro station at 96th Street and Aviation Boulevard, and thanks to a new draft environmental impact report for the project, we’ve got images of the highly-anticipated station, via Urbanize LA. The station would effectively link train riders to the airport, as it would be the place where train passengers switch over to a people mover—a separate project that’s being built by Los Angeles World Airports.

The station, referred to as the Airport Metro Connector 96th Street Transit Station in the environmental docs, is being built as part of the Crenshaw Line, but would also be served by an extension of the Green Line. New features would include three at-grade rail platforms, a bus plaza with 20 bays (and an additional 18 for buses on layover), a bike hub with parking for 150 bicycles, a pedestrian plaza, designated drop-off and pick-up zones, and a "Metro hub," a building that would act as a terminal for passengers using the various modes of transportation.

If the Metro ballot measure is approved in November, the station project would get about $347 million, says The Source. It would be complete as soon as 2021 and no later than 2023.

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