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Inside Skyspace LA, the US Bank Tower’s Sleek Observation Deck

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See the 360-degree view

Views from the observation deck atop the West's tallest skyscrapers are no doubt impaired this week as it makes it debut. Wildfires burning near Duarte are filling the Los Angeles Basin with smoke, but the vistas are still expansive. The Hollywood sign and buzzing arterials are visible, and mounted binoculars on two terraces allow for detailed looks at neighborhoods near and far.

The observation deck, decorated "in the Art Deco language," with a palette of gold, white, and black, occupies the 70th and 69th floors of the US Bank Tower. The spaces are connected by a cantilevered staircase, though OUE, which owns the high-rise, certainly wants people to take Skyslide—a glass chute strapped to the exterior of the building.

Sure, that thrilling slide is a scene-stealer, but the observation deck paints scenes of its own. It's worth checking out, just pay the $25 admission.

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