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Historic Broadway Building Next to Clifton’s Will Be Converted to Housing

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Downtown living, with jello next door

Downtown development is booming, and Broadway is undergoing as big of a transformation as any other street in the city. Adding to the mix is a new plan to convert the historic J.E. Carr Building, which pushes up against the north side of Clifton’s Cafeteria, into residential units.

The building’s developer, a company involved in the restoration of Broadway’s Globe Theatre, has chosen HLW Architects to design the project. Downtown News reports the renovation will add another floor to the seven-story building, along with a fancy mechanized parking garage. When complete, the building will offer 30 one- and two-bedroom residential units ranging from 1,100 to 1,800 square-feet. So far, plans don’t indicate what rental prices might look like for the units, but with such spacious dimensions, they aren’t likely to come cheap.

The developers also plan to restore the building’s former lobby and add a bar with outdoor seating on the ground level.

The building was constructed in 1909 and designed by the architectural firm of R.B. Young. The upper floors have apparently been vacant since the 1980s, and this will be the first major overhaul in decades.

Land use advisor Kate Bartolo, who is working with the developer, tells Curbed LA that the time is ripe for this sort of project. She says the recent reopening of Clifton’s—massively renovated by new owner Andrew Meieran—has provided a "significant boost" to the Broadway area, proving the thoroughfare is becoming a "world class street."

In the 1940s, the Carr Building was home to the Brooks Clothing Company (not to be confused with Brooks Brothers, who sued for trademark infringement in 1945), and its name will be changed to the Brooks Building once redevelopment is complete. That should be sometime in the next two or three years.