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LA's Cheapest and Priciest Neighborhoods to Rent in Right Now

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Mapping LA's rental market

Rental prices are still rising in Los Angeles, according to the latest analysis from Zumper.

The good news first: Median prices across the region didn't budge last month. But, they have jumped about 15 percent since last June.

The average price of a one-bedroom crept up $70 from $1,900 in March. The increase was sharper for two-bedrooms: $2,760 to $2,900 over the same period -- enough for LA to retain its position as the seventh most expensive rental market in the country.

Santa Monica remains the priciest area, with one-bedrooms running about $3,000 per month. Venice, however, is gaining quickly on the Perennial Champion of Expensiveness, with median rents swelling to $2,930 from $2,740 in March.

For maximum affordability, Central Alameda edged out Florence-Graham this month with rents right around $900. Meanwhile, since March, rents have dipped down a bit in Downtown, where the median price is $2,550, compared to $2,850 three months ago.