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Hancock Park Home Was Once Owned by a Malaysian Sultan

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Regal estate features grand archways and paintings on the ceiling

A truly international city, Los Angeles attracts full and part-time residents from around the world. Occasionally, some of those people actually run the countries they come from. Per the listing, this impressive Hancock Park estate was "once owned by royalty." Specifically, property records show it was owned by Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang, Malaysia. The sultan ruled Malaysia as its elected monarch between 1979 and 1984.

The six-bedroom home was constructed in 1924 and certainly has a regal air. Chandeliers and grand archways abound, while the living room ceiling and walls of the library are adorned with elaborate murals and exquisite wood paneling. The master suite is complete with a generously-sized bathroom that’s apparently been recently remodeled. A tranquil swimming pool sits on the way to a large guesthouse, complete with living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Situated on a lot just under a half-acre, the 5,556 square-foot home is surrounded by plenty of vegetation—along with hedges and a gate to keep out the commoners. Asking price for the royal estate is $4.998 million.