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Restored Highland Park Craftsman With a Blue Barn

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Complete with a welcoming front porch and Douglas fir floors

This handsome Craftsman with four bedrooms in Highland Park was constructed in 1902 and still boasts original wood siding and Douglas fir floors. The paint job looks fairly fresh, and per the listing, the house received an award for restoration from the Highland Park Heritage Trust in 2008. The interior is light and airy, and many of the windows are adorned with an elegant criss-crossing grille.

The 1,644 square-foot home does look a bit cramped in places (the washing machine and dryer are tucked into the dining area), but there’s plenty of open space to be found on the welcoming front porch and the large back deck—which includes a covered hot tub area. From pictures, it looks like the lower level has its own kitchen and can serve as a separate unit. The lot size is just over 5,000 square-feet and the house also features a small backyard and a big, bluish barn. Asking price is $680,000.