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Boxy ‘Icon Tower’ on Sunset Now Has its Facade

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The 14-story tower is helping alter Hollywood's skyline

Construction is chugging along on the new, 200-foot tall tower that will serve as the keynote to Sunset Bronson Studios’ expansion.

"Icon Tower" rose from the southwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue, next to the historic studios, and it's easily viewed from the 101 freeway. It looks like it’s made up of five squat, offset boxes stacked atop of each other.

Construction started last year, and it now has its facade: Some sides are sheathed in glass, others in pre-cast concrete with rows of rectangular windows. Eventually, renderings show, landscaped terraces will fill in some of the spaces left by the buildings being out of alignment.

Construction is slated to wrap up by the end of year, then Netflix will call the entire tower—14 stories and 323,000 square feet—home, according to Variety.

Developer Hudson Pacific Properties told Variety in February that, "Our Netflix deal remains the largest lease ever signed in Hollywood in terms of square feet."

Larchmont Buzz says the Colonial-style building that once served Warner Brothers Studios will be renovated; it’s a historic landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Icon Tower is just one of many tall buildings that’s changing Hollywood’s skyline.