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These Instagram Photos Prove the Beach is the Best Way to Beat the Heat

As temperatures sore, Angelenos flock to the beach

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day could be spent at the beach, with views of crashing waves, palm trees, the Santa Monica Mountains, and Santa Monica’s downtown and Venice’s boardwalk? Los Angeles is home to some of the best beaches, and Instagram users are pros at capturing their beauty. So as this weekend’s heatwaves roars into Monday, we’ll find a virtual escape looking at IG posts from the lucky ones spending time on the sand and in salt water.

#santamonicabeach #sunnysunnysunny #sunburnt #LAX

A photo posted by 刘大屁 (@liu_xtong) on

thinking bout how much fun I had with my two fav LA girls yesterday instead of getting ready for work

A photo posted by Christie Lock (@christielock) on

#summer2016 #19#june#la #cali #gopro ☀️ ✌️

A photo posted by alekseu_segenevych (@alekseu_segenevych) on

A photo posted by Fernando Solis (@imfersolis) on

A hot one today, but I don't see anybody complainin'. #summertime #saturdaze #heatwave #venice_sunsets

A photo posted by Venice Beach Sunsets (@venice_sunsets) on

It was hot today

A photo posted by Cassie J. Boettcher (@cassiejboettcher) on

From yesterday at the beach #twoandthreequarters

A photo posted by ⭐Terryn Westbrook (@terrynwestbrook) on

#sunset on #santamonicabeach ... #losangeles #nofilter #california

A photo posted by Jyrki Rauhio (@jyrkirauhio) on