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Updated 1926 Spanish Gothic Wants $899K

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Arched windows and exposed beams abound

In Glendale’s Adams Hill neighborhood, this three-bedroom house is dotted with original features dating back to 1926, when the house was built. The hardwood floors, exposed beams, and many of the windows date all the way back to the home’s earliest days, as does the stained glass detailing on the front door.

The kitchen’s gorgeous marble countertops do not appear to be original, but are lovely all the same. The home boasts a turret, but it’s sadly not totally captured in the photos. The space is in use as an office, and has built-ins and a row of arched windows (also original). The bathroom was remodeled by the present owners to include elaborately patterned tile and a clawfoot bathtub.

The lower level of the two-level house holds a large bedroom, one of the house’s two bathrooms, and a little kitchen. The lower level is entered by a Dutch door, and a rep for the listing agent Steve Clark says that it’s suspected that this kitchen used to be a wine cellar, and could easily be returned to that use.

The house is listed for $899,000.