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Very Pink and Very Custom-Built Villa in Hermosa Beach Asks $25 Million

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This gaudy residence has a rotating skylight and a Boston-themed sports bar

Oceanfront homes in the beach communities of Southern California aren't generally known for tasteful restraint, but this custom built Fauxtalian villa in Hermosa Beach is just gaudy enough to stand apart in a sea of extravagant residences. Per the listing, it was designed in 2011 by Ed Beall—no stranger to ostentation—and no expense was spared. The very pink 7,900 square-foot home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and five powder rooms. There's also a "sit down Boston themed bar" and an 800-gallon saltwater aquarium (sadly not pictured).

But that's not all this ludicrously excessive home has to offer. The eight foot copper doors "open up to custom Italian mosaic tile floors," while a rotating skylight offers access to the roof. If that's a little too high up, try the large balcony with a built-in heating system. The bathroom in the master suite features a tub, steam shower, and, of course, plenty of room for powdering.

A large part of the house seems to serve as a kind of extended man cave. The current owner seems to have lined every possible inch of wall space in these rooms (ceilings included) with sports memorabilia. What might just be an original Sandy Koufax jersey hangs in what is either a child's bedroom or a place for exhausted patrons of the above-mentioned bar to pass out. The sports theme carries on into the home theater, where a large movie screen is hidden by a Red Sox-themed curtain. Asking price for this very unique property is a hefty $25 million.