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See Video Evidence That the High-Speed Rail is Actually Happening

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Construction really does seem to be under way on the much-delayed bullet train

With the seemingly endless series of delays, debates, lawsuits, and ballooning cost estimates surrounding California's long-awaited high-speed rail project, casual observers could be forgiven for assuming the project had been scrapped long ago. But the California High-Speed Rail Authority wants people to know that is simply not the case. And, what's more, they have solid visual evidence to prove it.

A new video released by the agency shows exciting footage of workers drilling, excavating, tunneling, and all kinds of other things associated with the construction of a massive bullet train system. There's even a few still photos thrown in for good measure. According to a tweet from the authority, the video will soon be "airing in DMV offices around the state," giving Californians frustrated with the long waits there a glimmer of hope that the much longer wait for the train might someday come to an end.

Unfortunately, the rail project recently suffered yet another setback. As the LA Times reports, a cap-and-trade auction expected to generate close to $150 million in funds for the project only ended up yielding $2.5 million. The rail authority will have to scramble to make up for that difference, as the state is legally obliged to match $3.5 billion in federal funds by 2022.