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The Bloc's Cool, Open-Air Courtyard Opening in 2 Weeks

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Once hidden under a giant roof, the Bloc's big open space is debuting soon

The transformation of Downtown's blocky, monolithic Macy's plaza into The Bloc, a new, more open shopping experience has been pretty dramatic and it's not even totally finished yet. But the sunken, open-air central courtyard known as The Square is very nearly ready to roll, scheduled to open up on June 16 with a musical performance, according to an Instagram post from The Bloc. What is now this outdoor area ("DTLA's new living room!") was once a covered and insulated space that was part of a whole big bricky fortress. What a difference ripping off the roof makes!

The complex will eventually include an artsy Alamo Drafthouse and an array of shops, plus a replica of the Tail O' the Pup hot dog stand and a brand new Metro portal connecting the Bloc to the Seventh St./Metro Center station (so shoppers don't have to wait to cross the street to the station). The Bloc's already seen some big improvements to its formerly dreary parking garage.

A photo posted by The Bloc (@theblocla) on

A photo posted by The Bloc (@theblocla) on