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Watch a Small Dog Live it Up in an $18.5 Million LA Mansion

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A corgi lives it up

Real estate agent Ben Bacal is known for giving his listings the Hollywood treatment. Not content with ordinary listing videos or virtual tours, Bacal has spent up to $20,000 in the past making elaborate short films showcasing the homes he is selling. The latest offering advertises a listing Bacal shares with realtor Ness Krief. It centers around a small dog (named "Sherlock Bones" in the video, but played by Instagram-famous corgi Aqua) who has evidently inherited an $18.5 million mansion overlooking the Sunset Strip from his recently deceased owner.

Bones clearly enjoys his lavish lifestyle, taking advantage of the home’s screening room, enormous shower, and—in one of the video’s more unsettling moments—the master bedroom. He also invites all of his friends over (both human and canine) for a pretty fun-looking pool party. In the end—spoiler alert—it turns out this was all a confusing dream. In the reality Sherlock awakes to, he still lives in the house, but is apparently not the owner.