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Watch a Test of the US Bank Tower’s Terrifying Skyslide

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Only a week until opening day

Since early May, a clear glass slide has been affixed to the 69th story of the US Bank Tower. The terrifying attraction is part of a new observation deck that will open later this month, but Saturday morning, photographer Sterling Davis captured footage of one of the slide’s early test runs.

It seems like everything is working fine, insofar as the rider in the video makes it through the slide pretty smoothly and does not fall 1,000 feet to the ground below. With the volume turned up, it does sound like there’s a bit of shrieking, but that’s a noise downtown residents might have to get used to as long as the observation deck remains open.

Another point of interest: it looks like the rider is sitting atop some kind of mat, similar to what one might use on a waterslide. It does make a lot of sense that these would be used here, as the slide operators probably don’t want the glass getting smudged by the fingerprints of people trying to slow down or speed up on the way down.

The ride in the video only lasts about five seconds, but certainly seems to offer some unprecedented views of the city. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if it seems worthy of the eight dollar price-of-admission (on top of $25 to get up to the observation deck in the first place). The skyspace opens to the public Saturday, June 25.

US Bank Tower

633 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071