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Sweet Venice Craftsman Near Beach, Abbot Kinney

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Lots of charm for $1.3 million

Live that walk-to-the-beach lifestyle in this sweet little Craftsman that’s also right off Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

There's a lot to love about this Venice home, and it begins in the front entrance with an ivy-covered arbor and a deep front porch. The charm carries through the living room with a dignified brick fireplace and cozy window seats. It continues in the dining room with a built-in hutch, and there it is again in the tiny kitchen, which has a stained glass window and Spanish countertop tiles. Bedroom closet space looks minimal, but there are lots of little nooks for books and ornaments.

The two-bedroom, one-bath was built in 1909 and is a modest 1,104 square feet. But space isn’t all that important when the beach, shops and restaurants are so close. It’s asking $1.35 million.