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Here Are the Two Possibilities for Huge Transit Hub Development

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The project will bring lots of new housing to North Hollywood

There’s a big twist in the major development proposed for more than 15 acres surrounding North Hollywood's transit hub.

The two teams competing against each other to develop the project, Greenland USA and Trammell Crow Company, have now joined forces, reports Urbanize LA, and will collaborate to produce the new development with Metro’s blessing. Trammell Crow and Greenland will team up with a slew of architects and design firms (Gensler, HKS Architects, Killefer Flammang Architects and Melendrez, Inc.) in the massive undertaking.

There’s no timeline yet, but there are two detailed plans for what the build-out might look like. Both possibilities include a large, central public space and mixed-use structures spread out across the four sites adjacent to the Lankershim and Chandler boulevards intersection. One of those sites is a parcel that's being used right now as a massive parking lot.

The project would surround Metro's transit station, which serves the northern terminus of the subway's Red Line and bus rapid transit Orange line.

The first ("Scenario A") is the less ambitious of the two, but still calls for 750 residential units (35 percent of them affordable housing), about 40,500 square feet of retail space at street level, and 200,000 square feet to be used for offices, all within a handful of new low- and mid-rise structures. Renderings show it leaves room for a future hotel on Lankershim.

This plan would also create 3,600 parking spaces, but doesn’t forget the pedestrians, offering up spaces for pop-up galleries along Chandler Boulevard, a tree-lined replacement bus depot, a 1.8-acre plaza, and "a new pedestrian promenade with retail space."

The second possibility, "Scenario B," notably includes a swirling elevated path for bikes and walkers, as well as taller buildings. The rendering offering an aerial view of the proposed development shows several new streets cutting in between the buildings, which would hold a total of 1,500 housing units (35 percent still dedicated to affordable housing).

Scenario B would also provide more than triple the retail space (150,000 square feet), and more than double the office space (450,000 square feet). The parking space totals would rise to 5,400 spots.

ULA notes it's also possible with this plan that a new pedestrian access point to the Red Line station could be built on the south side of Chandler Boulevard, too.

The next step, says Metro's news blog, The Source, is for the developers to work with the community and with Metro to solidify and finalize the specifics. Community meeting dates have not yet been set.