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Designer James Perse Selling Rustic Chic Malibu Farmhouse

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It’s another $1 million if you want to keep the furniture

Fashion designer James Perse, known for his minimalist t-shirts, is selling a fully furnished six-bedroom home in Malibu. Built in 2001, Perse tells the Wall Street Journal he bought the home as an investment property in 2013, and has spent time since then giving the home an "old-world kind of farmer charm." It’s a rare kind of farmer who you’d find living in Point Dume with keyed access to the beach, but the 7,400 square-foot home features some nice rustic details. The dining area features an antique wooden trestle table, and the living room includes a fire place with built-in shelves for wood storage (currently fully stocked). Hardwood flooring runs throughout the house, even into the bathroom, where an elegant trough-like tub awaits.

Perse has also adorned the home with a pair of custom made surf boards and a shuffleboard game his team of designers made. While all these furnishings and design elements can be purchased, they don’t come free. Perse tells the Journal those items will add up to $1 million to the home’s $12.995 million asking price.

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